The Hedge Apple

Hedge apple

The night before Thanksgiving, I hit a deer in Mr. FixIt’s truck. Yesterday, we went to get the estimate for repairs. Gulp! All I can say is, thank goodness for comprehensive insurance! I was waiting in the truck while the guy was assessing the damage when I saw them. Hedge Apples! They’re really the fruit of the Osage Orange. They were planted in the ‘30s in rows as windbreaks in the Midwest. The trees have thorns and are often planted at fencing around pastures to keep animals in and predators out.

Grandma showed them to me when I was a kid. She said they keep bugs out of your house. That hasn’t been scientifically proven…but I’ll trust my grandma! Some people gather them and use them for decoration. I love the color and they do look lovely piled in crocks and baskets. They smell pretty bad, though. I guess that’s why they supposedly repel insects.

Today is the appointment with the surgeon. He’ll give us all the details for tomorrow. Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers. They help more than you can know! ❤️

“Have you not put a hedge around him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.”
‭‭Job‬ ‭1:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬


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  1. We call them Bois de Arc (bodark) in Texas. In olden times they were used as posts houses were built on. No termites, yes we put in cabinets to get rid of bugs 🐜.
    May the Lord bless y’all with good news.

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