Country Livin’

Porch swing and pillows in the fall

It took two days to empty TOW-Wanda, clean her up, and winterize. It took an hour to empty both pickups, twice, into my itty bitty farm house. It took forty-five minutes to make pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee yesterday morning. It took me approximately two minutes to convince Mr. FixIt to take me on a ride in the country instead of sorting through all that stuff and putting it away. Two minutes. Not bad!

General store

We headed back on the hill to check the back end of the farm. Someone has been up there with a brush hog clearing out paths for hunting season. There are several people who have permission to hunt back there so I wasn’t surprised by that. We saw one hunter but he was camped two farms over. Nothing looked awry up there so we headed on our way.


One of the fun things Mr. FixIt and I have in common is our love for taking off out country roads just to see where they go. We wound our way through the woods on a two lane blacktop till we started seeing a lot of houses having garage sales. We stopped at a few and I came SO close to buying an old Maytag wringer washer for $40 but declined at the last minute. I. Need. NOTHING! Sigh.

Country Roads...West Virginia!

We finally got to Grantsville and stopped at the little market for vegetables for supper. Mr. FixIt remembered hearing about a historic village and wanted to see if we could find it. We stopped at the courthouse to ask directions. There was a man on the street so Mr. FixIt asked him if he’d heard of the place. He sure had! His aunt lives right at the turnoff. I love country life! Everyone knows everybody.

Heritage Village, Calhoun Historical Society

Heritage Village was restored by the Calhoun Historical Society. There’s a chapel, a blacksmith shop, a school, a post office, a store, a cabin and a house. They had all been salvaged from around the countryside and reassembled at a beautiful park. There’s a community building, a few picnic shelters, playgrounds, and a small campground there with electric hookups. The park is in an area with very low light pollution so a lot of people go there for star gazing.

Church house

The woods have finally got some color in them and the day was perfect for a drive. We got home and Mr. FixIt mowed the lawn while I fixed supper. We sat on the porch listening to the wild turkeys in the woods. These are the days we live for. Peace. Quiet. Beauty. Love. There is nothing more wonderful save for being surrounded by family. That I miss terribly. If they were here, life would be perfect. ❤️

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭126:5-6‬ ‭ESV‬‬


18 thoughts on “Country Livin’

  1. Sounds like a perfect day! The campground is pretty full here but just not the same as last weekend. Miss you all! I am loving leaves changing.

  2. We went into town Thursday evening for dinner,enjoyed viewing the Harvest Moon driving home. I miss summer and the grandkids coming to the farm to swim and eat Papa burgers, but now enjoying sitting on the patio seeing the change of season and the wildlife. The deer are eating kernels left from the corn pickings and the crows hitting the pecan trees.

  3. What a glorious day! And what a beautiful place. The leaves haven’t turned that much here yet, they are beginning to more. Your stories are so rich and detailed, it’s like I’m there;) you are such a good writer!

  4. Beautiful color! my brother lived in Arkansas along the Buffalo River and I remember walking in woods like that. So peaceful. I’m curious though–you said people have been cutting trails on your property and you weren’t aware? Hunters shoot guns on others’ property without notice? Sounds sketchy…and dangerous for you…can you elaborate?

    1. I live in an area where you cant throw a rock without hitting someone you’re related to. They have permission to hunt way back on the back of the farm and I don’t go back there during hunting season. I go up to check it out before the season starts and it’s all good. ❤️

  5. Love the fall, looks like yours is especially good, loved hearing about the village. Last few weeks I have been dealing with the death of a friend, she was my first one in the little town we settled in. I knew Sue only three years, we hit it off so fast, shared a lot of hopes and dreams, she introduced me to a small ladies coffee group of like minded, Christian women. We shopped, did lunch and just hung out. She showed me so much of Ouray and Montrose I feel like I have been here forever. Sue who was just 64 and was attacked by cancer and it only took a few months, I was so not ready for her passing, her memorial is next Saturday and it is my hope I will snap out of this sadness. Losing a spouse is unimaginable but losing a friend is very hard. Just needed to vent.

    1. Oh, Patti…that has to be so hard! I’ve lost friends, but not “sister/friends”. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Grief comes in waves. At first in knocks you down, then eventually you learn to lean into the waves without going under. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings, dear one. This is a journey…not a destination. It will get better over time. ❤️

    1. Hi, Lara! Yes, WV is my home base. I was also born and raised here. As for Revealing Mr. FixIt’s secret identity…no way. 🤗 He is, and shall remain, the mystery man. I give everything of myself on my blog save for the real identities of Mr. Virgo and Mr. FixIt. Those are mine to keep. ❤️

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