And So…The Camper Addiction Begins!

  • New tire on old camper

The obsession has begun. The camper was ready to be picked up yesterday afternoon. The gentleman I purchased it from had to get the title for me. A lot of time these old campers have no title…just a bill of sale. Depending on the state you are in, this can be a huge, drawn out, expensive problem. I have passed on several affordable campers because there was no title.

A torrential downpour hit just as I pulled up to the house. After ten minutes or so, the clouds broke and I was able to hook up the camper. I thought I should check the air in the tires before I drove too far so I headed to the nearest gas station. Upon further inspection, the tires were so old and dry rotted, I didn’t dare put more air in them. The first order of business was the dreaded DMV…that black hole where time is sucked into a whirling vortex and spits you out several hours later…poorer, starving and frazzled. After sitting an hour and a half, my number was next. That’s when the nice DMV lady stood up and said, “I know it looks like we aren’t doing anything up here, but I finally reached someone I know in Charleston and the entire state’s computer system is down. We will let you know if it comes back on.” If. Not when…IF. Sigh. I waited a while and gave up. If I got stopped without tags, I’d just have to show the trooper the title and tell them the story.

Stop two was Walmart for tires. I prayed the entire way, driving 35 miles an hour with my flashers on. I breathed a sigh of relief and sent up a prayer of gratitude when I arrived safely. I was thrilled when they had trailer tires in stock that fit. I went ahead and bought a new spare as well. I know there are some people who run car tires on a trailer but I have been taught you shouldn’t do that. I always run 8-ply trailer tires on my campers. It probably took two hours at Walmart but those tires are perfect and you could really feel the difference in the way the camper felt being towed. $200 is a small price to pay for safety. I hated to put those nice new tires on those ratty old wheels. I have a friend who knows a guy who will sandblast the rims and paint them with a powder coat finish that is baked on. It lasts much longer than painting the rims. That, however, can wait and be one of the last things that gets done.

The camper followed right along behind me, just like it’s supposed to. I got her home, backed up the driveway like a pro, unhooked like a boss, and covered her with a tarp. She needs a new roof so the tarp will have to do until that can happen. Now, to name her! Someone suggested “Aretha” (’cause she’s a Franklin and just needs R-E-S-P-E-C-T!). That’s cute! I have some ideas on decorating. This one is crying out for really comfortable, real furniture…not “camper cabinets”. “The Country Cottage” or “The Cozy Cottage” sounds lovely. Or “Fernweh” which means wanderlust. I could call her “Fern” for short. “The Merry Widow”? Let’s hear your suggestions! ❤️

“For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬


27 thoughts on “And So…The Camper Addiction Begins!

  1. I said to hubby i want a trailer I can work on. By the end of the week he baught me a 300$ 16ft stamper. We gutted the inside because of leaks and dryrot we worked together on this project last summer, now i work on it by myself its the memorirs of him that make the work go slow bit by bit I fix things then wonder why I’m even doing it. It could end up being my home is what I tell myself. enjoy the journey of you new project. I’m sure yours will be great.

  2. I love the story Ginny reminds me of one of my favorite stories growing up. You could name her Cinderella or Princess.

  3. Glad you made it safely to WM to get tires! I thought about “The Nest” for a name…or “Ginny’s Nest”. Sounds like a fun project.

  4. My first thought was Rose…as in Ramblin’ Rose but I also like Gracie. I know you have Gods Grace.

  5. Love your new camper! Name her “Wings”; you’ve already got the other part of your blog by-line (pick-up). Cannot wait to see your renovation on this sweet gal! Thrilled for you. Thanks, Ginny, for another happy story to start my day. 😎

  6. well, you asked!: I vote for a strong and sassy name, not some warmed over Kuntry Kottage schamltz. She’s gonna have the verve and sass of her inhabitant so why not name her after some bald and brassy Woman Of History?? Uppity Women Rool!!

  7. I am curious as to whether the house you are living in is the same one you first moved into with your aunt. You refer to your grandparent’s farm and I am confused. I love your postings and enjoy reading about your journey thru life. I am a big fan and admire your determination and independence and pray for God’s blessings on you daily.

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